PhD student projects

WP2 - Nucleic acid arrays


  • Risk assessment of urban rodents as potential vectors and reservoirs of zoonotic pathogens (Tim Giles)


  • Development, optimization and validation of DNA microarrays for investigation of zoonotic and notifiable avian viruses and non-resolved animal diseases (Sanal Shah)

WP3 - Serology arrays


  • Shotgun metaproteomics of chicken gut microbiota for detection of microbial antigen (Guy Williamson)
  • Discovery of molecular biomarkers of diseases in faeces for development of rapid hand held diagnostic devices (Carl Clayton)

WP5 - Non-EU surveillance


  • Moose (Alces alces) reproduction in Sweden: basic physiology and impact of disease (Jonas Malmsten)

WP6 - Epidemiology

CERETETH (WP4-6 students):

  • Wild ungulates as a source of selected emerging and re-emerging pathogens in livestock and humans; application of microarray technology (Antonia Touloudi)
  • Wild birds as a source of selected emerging and re-emerging pathogens: application of microarray technologies (George Valiakos)
  • Application of microarray technology in the risk assessment of selected emerging and re-emerging pathogens in hares (Christos Iacovakis)
  • Ecology and management of European Brown Hare syndrome virus (EBHSV) in Mediterranean ecosystems (Christos Sokos)


  • Stochastic modelling of disease dynamics and demography in widlife populations (Laura Walton)
  • Use of novel epidemiological tools in wildlife surveillance (Gustav Rydevik)

VetAgro Sup:

  • Data modelling for epidemiological surveillance of wildlife aiming at early detection of unexpected sanitary events (Eva Warns-Petit)
  • Synanthropic rodent emerging pathogen surveillance (Florence Ayral)