Expected impact

The WildTech project involves the integration and further development of existing diagnostic and informatic technologies and epidemiological approaches. This will, in the long term, facilitate wildlife disease surveillance at the nucleic acid and serological level, and contribute to monitoring disease exposures in wild and domestic animal populations. Through this combined approach we will be able to provide the EU with comprehensive recommendations to improve European human and animal health.               

We propose that the Technology Centre should act as the foundation stone for the establishment of a European Wildlife Disease Technology Centre (EWDTC) with expertise in the molecular detection of multiple pathogens and with access to the international wildlife community through this consortium. In combination with the database systems and epidemiological modelling systems the impact on the establishment and further development of European technology will be considerable. We anticipate that in the longer term, Europe will be at the centre of an international effort in the development of cutting edge technology for the surveillance of infectious disease. The EWDTC will act as a hub of expertise with links both to European and North American human health centres which have similar parallel interests in technological development and epidemiology.